Going Without A Home For A Few Days During A Move? Rent A Storage Unit To Avoid Complications

Organizing a move is not an easy task to take on. It is ideal to give yourself enough time to move out of the place you are living now and into your new home before you must be moved out completely. But, you may be in a slight predicament with the schedule working out so that you have anywhere from a day to several days in which you will not be living in either place. This means your possessions will not have a place to go, but you can fix this by renting a storage unit a week or two before you end up moving out.

Choose an Optimal Location

It is crucial to be strategical with how you go about picking the location for the storage facility. While you could pick one that is close to your current home, this would make it more inconvenient to get your belongings into the new home once your lease starts. It is best to find a place that is on the way to your new home with closer being better because this will make the moving transition somewhat easy.

Schedule Certain Additions

Trying to rent everything to the storage unit in the last day or two would undoubtedly be stressful. But, when you are renting a storage unit for at least a month, there is no reason that you should wait until the last minute to get started with the process of transporting possessions to storage. It is best to start early and plan it out so that the items that are not susceptible to climate damage are stored in the beginning. Waiting on the sensitive possessions until the last day or two will help you avoid damaged items.

Treat It Like a Normal Move

Although the process for moving is not going to be a standard move, you should still treat it as such. It is important to pack all items carefully so that they do not end up getting damaged during transport. You will also want to make it easy to get settled into your new home even if you do not take everything out of the storage unit on the first day. To make this happen, you will want to create a box of essentials.

While your methods may be a little unconventional when using storage units for a move, you will find that this process can keep stress to a minimum by giving your items a temporary home for several days.