5 Ways You Haven't Thought About Using A Storage Unit

A storage locker is more than just a place to store overflow personal items. For some people, it's a way to enjoy a business or hobby that otherwise they couldn't because of a lack of space. The next time you drive past a local self-storage facility, consider that there might be more going on there than you know. Here are some of the ways people are using their extra space.

Be Prepared: Protecting Your Storage Unit From Disasters

For people with more stuff than space, self-storage units provide an invaluable service. If you don't have an attic or basement (or you don't want to pack them full of stuff), you're no longer relegated to holding a yard sale to get your extra objects out of your house. But if something is worth holding onto, it's also worth protecting; just like your home could be burglarized or damaged by a flood or fire, so could your self-storage unit.