5 Ways You Haven't Thought About Using A Storage Unit

A storage locker is more than just a place to store overflow personal items. For some people, it's a way to enjoy a business or hobby that otherwise they couldn't because of a lack of space. The next time you drive past a local self-storage facility, consider that there might be more going on there than you know. Here are some of the ways people are using their extra space.

Office Space

A consultant with no space in an apartment still needs an office. A self storage unit can hold a desk and files for those times when they need to do desk work and research. A coffee shop may not be the appropriate place to work when dealing with sensitive client information. An additional benefit is the security afforded by the storage facility to keep client records safe.

Wine Storage

Instead of building an expensive wine storage room in your home, rent space in a temperature-controlled storage facility. Bring in shelving to hold the wine bottles. No need for elaborate shelving. Choose something practical that will hold the bottles securely. Make a weekly trip to your storage locker to replenish your home supply.

Storing Products for High-Volume Auction Sales

If you make a living selling items in online auctions, you can use a storage locker to hold merchandise and act as a staging area for packing and shipping. Put up shelving to hold the products and a long table in the center of the space for packing items. Keep all of your packing material there and you can make regular trips to the unit to pack and address items to be taken to the post office. You may be able to leave items with the storage facility office to be picked up by a shipping company.

Collection of Rare Items

If you are a collector, your storage locker gives you the space you need for your collection in a secured location. Keeping rare books, coins or artwork in your home risks it being stolen in a burglary. Storage facilities often have locked gates and doors to go through before getting to your unit. They also have staff nearby several hours each day. The risk of theft of your collection from a storage unit is small.

Precious Metals

With the potential of precious metals increasing in value, some people invest in gold and silver to protect their money. A storage unit is a way to keep it safe. Several facilities give you 24/7 access, something banks don't do. Unless you tell someone what you have in your storage locker, no one will know.

The convenience and security of a storage facility makes it an ideal way to store valuable items, sensitive information, and retail inventory. When you don't have the space at home to do what you wish, look at a storage facility, like L M Storage, as an option.