Moving In The Winter? The Do's And Don'ts To Follow

How can you make your winter-time move easier? Take a look at these tips for moving during the coldest months of the year. Do Schedule Your Move Now You don't need to wait until the spring or summer to move. Even though the winter brings cold, snow, and ice, you can still schedule this service. While the mover's schedule may not fill up quickly during the off-peak (winter) season, you still need to think ahead.

Avoid Issues Hiring a Moving Company for a High-Rise Condo

Hiring the right moving company can make moving out of a high-rise condo can take away a lot of the stress you could be feeling and what can go into making the experience a positive one. With a high-rise condo that's on a higher floor, there's a good chance that you could end up having difficulty with some movers due to tight hallways, needing to work with an elevator, or the building being in a congested area with limited parking available.

Tips For Keeping Stuffed Animals In A Storage Unit

If your children have accumulated a lot of stuffed toys, you may wonder how to deal with them when you need to put your things in storage while your house is on the market or when you move. While you and your kids may love the stuffed toys, they can make your home look messy and cluttered when you have a lot of them. Putting the toys in storage along with other household goods might be the right choice any time you need to declutter.