4 Ways to Avoid a Big Mess during Your U-Haul Move

If you have already booked your U-Haul rental, you are well on your way to making the big move. You might already be in the process of packing. Packing boxes can actually be one of the most stressful parts of moving. This is especially the case if you are worried about making a big mess. Certain items, like toiletries and plates, are especially susceptible to creating messes. These tips will help you pack efficiently and safely.

1. Use Plastic Wrap to Cover Toiletry Openings

Worried about shampoos, lotions, toothpastes, and other toiletries spilling out? Grab your plastic wrap, unscrew the top, and cover the opening. Then, put the cap or lid back on, twisting or snapping over the plastic wrap. This will hold the material inside the container much more efficiently, preventing accidents and spills.

2. Use Sandwich Bags to Hold the Nuts and Bolts

When you disassemble shelves, desks, electronics, and other items, sandwich bags are the perfect remedies. If you are worried about the baggies getting lost in the move, tape them to the pieces they belong to. Not only do you prevent losing important parts, but you also prevent the pieces from making a huge mess.

3. Use Wrap to Hold Jewelry in Place

A wrap that you can press to seal together will keep jewelry and other pieces inside a jewelry box or attached to a stand. You don't even have to remove jewelry if you take the time to wrap the box a few times. You can add some tape for extra security, preventing jewelry spills.

4. Pack Plates Vertically in Boxes

This tip is not one most people consider when they think about packing dinnerware. Plates can be hard to manage, but with proper packing materials, you can place them in a box vertically, almost like you are stacking records in a box. Don't rest them on top of each other, as this may result in shattering.

Now that you understand how to pack boxes, you can very well avoid a big mess when you transport everything in your U-Haul. No matter when you intend to move, make sure that your boxes are well stacked and not going to fall over during the drive. It's not all about packing your boxes; sometimes it comes down to your stacking skills. Pack your rental truck correctly and avoid those unhappy accidents that add more cleanup to an already stressful process.

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