Packing Tips For Your Big Move You Are Headed For

If you are moving long distance then there are some things you should consider doing. You may want to hire movers, so you don't have to worry about lifting and carrying all that furniture and those boxes. Plus, the movers will drive that large moving truck, leaving you to comfortably drive in your own personal vehicle. Aside from hiring movers, here are other tips to follow that will help make your move much smoother:

Pack separate bags for everyone in the household

Everyone in your household should have travel bags that they keep with them. You want to pack enough clothing for everyone to have a fresh change of clothes for each day on the road, as well as all necessary hygiene products, their medications and anything else they are going to want in the car with them. By giving each person their own bag that is as small as possible, it will be easier for everyone to get at any items they need easily and quickly.

Mark fragile boxes with red tape with the word "fragile" on it

You can purchase a special moving tape that comes in bright red and that has the word 'fragile' on it. Using this tape on boxes that have breakable items in them does a much better job of protecting those items than writing the word 'fragile' with a marker. When you or your family members are trying to quickly shuffle boxes around you may not stop to read the writing on each box, making it possible for a lot of items to break. The red tape will stand out and everyone will automatically know to treat those boxes with extra care.

Use clear plastic bins if you can

If you can afford to spend a bit extra on your packing supplies, then you may want to use clear plastic bins to pack your items. This is a great way to make sure you are going to know right where everything is since you can see the contents right through the plastic. Also, when you use bins that are all the same type, you will be able to stack them one on top of the other. You still want to make sure the heaviest bins are on the bottom because they can collapse, just as boxes can, when there is too much weight put on the bottom ones. You also don't want to stack them too high.

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