4 Tips For Winter Vehicle Storage

Winter is fast approaching, which means that it is time to put your classic car or your nice sports car in storage until the weather and the roads are in better condition. You don't just want to drive your vehicle into a garage though; you want to make sure that it is properly prepared for storage.

Shut All the Windows

First, you are going to want to shut all the windows on your vehicle. Be sure to shut the sun roof as well. You want to keep all the windows shut in order to ensure that little critters don't get into your vehicle while it is in storage.

Seal up the Tailpipe

Second, you are going to want to seal up the tailpipe. You can seal it up by covering the tailpipe with duct tape. Or you can put mothballs or steel wool inside of the tailpipe, then cover it with aluminum foil and tape the foil in place. This will create an unpleasant smell that will keep most pests away, and if a pest like a mouse tries to get into the tailpipe, they will not be able to get through the steel wool or past the mothballs and into your vehicle.

Remove the Battery

Third, take the battery out of your vehicle. Disconnect the negative black cable first, and then disconnect the positive red cable second. If the battery has any corrosion, clean it up with some baking soda and water. Make sure the electrolyte level in each cell of the battery is full by checking under the filler cap. If any cell is low, add some de-mineralized water.

Then, connect the battery to a smart charger or a float charger, depending on the type of battery you have. This will help the battery keep its charge while it is in storage.

Refill the Fluids

Check all the fluids when you open the hood of your vehicle. If any of the fluids are low, such as the oil, transmission fluid, or even the washer fluid, you should top off the fluids. It is better to keep the fluid levels high than low when your vehicle is sitting for a few months.

Add a Fuel Stabilizer

The fuel in your fuel tank will start to break down after a while, which is why you should add some fuel stabilizer to the fuel tank. This will keep the fuel in good condition until you need to use your vehicle again.

Jack Up Your Car

It is a smart idea to take your tires off your vehicle and put your vehicle up on jacks. Just sitting in the same spot for months on end can be tough on your tires and cause unnecessary wear and damage. It is better to take your tires off and store them on their side than it is to leave them on your vehicle.

Before you leave your car in storage, make sure that your vehicle is prepared for the storage process. Preparing your vehicle for the storage process will make it much easier to pull your vehicle out of storage and use it again next spring.